The Green Pastures campus is a full-service television & motion picture production facility. In addition to offering sound stages and production offices, The Lot Studios provides additional equipment, services and amenities including, but not limited to, the following:


On-site L&G dock providing a wide array of traditional and specialized equipment that’s capable of servicing any feature film, television show, or commercial with a focus on prompt service. We also carry a small expandables inventory. 



Green Pastures Rentals offers camera rentals from brands such as RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony, Blackmagic, and more throughout the Oklahoma area. We also carry lenses such as Cooke S4s, Zeiss Ultra Primes, Zeiss Super Speeds, and many other types of prime and zoom lenses that can be combined with our camera packages.


From crew meals on or off the lot to special events large and small, our team knows the production game and how to deliver on time and within your budget.

All catering is currently prepared in our offsite kitchens while our industrial kitchens capable of delivering 200+ covers is built out. 



Our CP200 kits come standard with Surveillance headsets, backup battery, and pelican cases with custom foam cutouts. 

We also provide an itemized inventory list w/ serial numbers and a checkout sheet for your walkie PA's convenience.


From audio systems through to projectors, our AV team provides support for film and TV as well as events at Green Pastures.



With an on-staff graphic designer, we can work with your art department for any signage and graphics needs from shops and restaurants on camera to unit base signs for the location department.

We then carry a full set of vinyl with a 28" cutter on-site. 

4300 North Post Road | Spencer | Oklahoma | 73084 | USA

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