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Our Stand Set Stage

Our standing set stage is spaced over 20,000 sq ft on stage. When a production rents stage two they get exclusive access to all the sets plus a two person hair and make up room (additional rooms available), a small two person production office, a 40 person breakroom/holding area and restrooms. Each set can be dressed as production requires as long as the set is returned to the original condition once filming is complete. All graphics/posters currently up in the sets are cleared for copyright. The stage comes with 1Gb of internet up and down which can be upgraded to 10gb up and down for live broadcasts. For any productions filming at Green Pastures on any stages (including standing sets) and/or our on the property such as the back woods, the production will qualify for the extra 5% cash rebate from the state of Oklahoma for filming at a qualified sound stage.

Green Pastures Stage 1.jpg

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School Set

Our school set comes with an L shaped corridor complete with school lockers (one locker has a false back for filming through), two classrooms currently set as English and Music, two large school restrooms, a reception area and a principals office. There is access outside and the front of the studio has space to dress as the front enterance of a school.

Bar Set

800 sf bar with 15ft high ceilings. Fully dressed. Cleared bottles for use on camera. Everything is fully customizable and can be moved, painted, adjusted to fit the productions needs. All wall outlets are on their own breaker allowing for amp lighting. 

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Apartment Set

The apartment set is a one bedroom set that can be adjusted to a townhouse with stairs. Upgrades and downgrades can be made to make this as modern or as old as needed. 

Hospital Set

Currently the hospital set is built out to provide a single hospital room and a corridor to the room. We have plans and space to build out a longer corridor, an addition hospital room, nurses station, Emergency room beds, and a morgue.

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Police Station Set

Our Police Station set is currently under construction. The space features a reception area, large detectives bullpen, captains office, interrogation room with two way mirror, large corridor, and a jail cell. 

Exterior Shooting Space

Sitting on 12 acres, the studio has backwoods, a small lake, a school playground, and open fields that productions can utilize for filming. 

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Misc Studio Space

We have plenty of other areas around the studio that can be used for filming depending on availability and other productions needs. Please send us a list of all your locations and we will see what we can  accommodate. Additionally, we can recommend locations that are a short drive from the studio allowing for minimal crew moves saving you time and money.

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