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Our Largest Sound Stage

Our largest stage has a total of 5,400 Sqft and measures 90' x 60' with 27' high ceilings to the grid. The room is built with 1 ft concrete tilt up walls and fully sound insulated making it one of the best sound proofed studios in the midwest. We have 1.5" wooden flooring, three cable holes for generators, an 18'x18' elephant door, and 25 tons of air conditioning that is linked to our remote red light and bell system turning on and off with the red light. 3 Phase 800 AMP power. The ceiling is home to steal pins every 8 feet which can each carry a 1,500 lb load for rigging.

Additionally, the stage comes with 1Gb of internet up and down which can be upgraded to 10gb up and down for live broadcasts. Stage rentals comes with a two person hair and make up room and dedicated restrooms. Additional facilities are available upon request.

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