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Our smallest stage for VFX

Our VFX stage has a total of 2,600 Sqft and measures 67' x 40'. The three wall 180 degree cyc comes pre-lit with DMX controlled Aputure lighting. Resting, the cyc is painted chroma green but can be delivered painted for white or chroma blue if needed.

The back of the cyc has a walkway for easy access to lighting without walking across the green screen. Additionally, the stage comes with 1Gb of internet up and down which can be upgraded to 10gb up and down for live broadcasts. Stage rentals comes with a two person hair and make up room and a 40 person holding room/break room.

Green Pastures Stage 1.jpg
Green Pastures Stage 1.jpg


This stage comes with 8 pre lit space lights controlled by an iPad together with 4 c'stands, two 4 x4 kinos and an Arri 150 Fresnel Kit. Additional kit is available from our on-site equipment rental supplier. 


Prep/Strike Day $950

Prelight / Shoot $1,250

Hold Days $750

Paint fee $1,000 each way.

12 Hour shoot days. Overtime on stage billed after 12 hours. Stage usage on Saturday, Sunday, and holiday must be previously arranged with Studio Operations. 

Green Pastures Studio 1.jpg
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