Green Pastures Studio sits on a 12-acre campus located 18 minutes east of downtown Oklahoma City and 22 minutes from Will Rogers Airport with direct flights to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. 


Our campus includes a 5,500 sqft soundstage with acoustically constructed walls and ceiling complete with a 16x16ft elephant door and 27ft ceilings, a 3,000 sqft VFX soundstage with greenscreen, and a 20,000 sq ft standing sets stage which includes a police station, hospital, school, an interior house, and a bar. We have full production suites that can accommodate multiple large film and TV production office needs, all the way down to 2-person offices. For art departments, our facility is home to a 2,000 sqft drive-in construction room, props and art department stores, together with a full grip and electric package and full catering on site.

Outside, our facility boasts fields, forests, and a small lake that can be used by productions.  With plenty of locations within 15 minutes from the studio the only limit to what you can shoot is your imagination.



With big plans afoot for developing Green Pastures as Oklahoma's premier film and television campus, follow our journey through our regular, and sometimes personal, blog entries.






Fully sound proofed and

insulated sound stages

Production Office Icon.png

Production Offices

From a production office of 30 down to 2 person offices. 

Grip and Electric Icon.png

Grip & Electric


A full 18 wheeler grip and electric studio/location package 

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Plenty of space to build your outdoor sets or make use of our forests

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A full professional kitchen able to cater to all your needs

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The facility is fully wired with 10Gb of fiber internet into every room



In-house gear rental
In-house gear rental
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Green Pastures Stage 1
Green Pastures Stage 1
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Green Pastures Stage 3
Green Pastures Stage 3
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No need to worry about a place to stay -- we did the work for you! From AirBnB's to world-class hotels, 

click here for options close by.


Just 22 minutes to Will Rogers Airport with direct flights to Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, San Fransisco, and Chicago.


Amazing locations, all within a short drive, enable one unit base for a good portion of your shoot. Click here to search our local database.



We want to keep our Green Pastures green. We embrace eco- productions and make it easy for you to minimize the impact of your production.



Green Pastures is home to the Oklahoma Film & TV Academy that trains crew in all aspects of film.

Let us help you crew up. 


The studio sits in a racially and ethnically diverse part of Oklahoma City and qualifies as a HubZone due to its Native American roots. 

Green Pastures Stage 3 shoot 2.jpg


"Each and every person at Green Pastures Studio going above and beyond expections, coupled with the diverse shooting spaces they have available, made filming there an absolute joy."

Ben Richardson, UPM

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